Brunswick Kindergarten rated as ‘EXCEEDING NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARD’

Brunswick Kindergarten has been awarded an overall rating of ‘EXCEEDING National Quality Standard’ under the new National Quality Framework that was established in 2012. National Quality Standard Ratings form the benchmark that must be met in order to operate as a funded kindergarten or childcare service, while also meeting the regulatory requirements.

Here’s what our assessment stated:

“The service was performing at EXCEEDING National Quality Standard for many quality standards and quality areas with an overall rating of EXCEEDING National Quality Standard.

The leadership had managed the service effectively and had promoted staff cohesion and skill development, and it had valued the service establishing and maintaining a relationship with parents and the broader community.

The educators demonstrated a positive relationship with each other, the children and families.

All children were engaged in the curriculum that provided for individual and group learning and development within a positive and inclusive environment.

The service is acknowledged for its positive participation in the assessment and rating process and for its commitment to continuous quality improvement.”

From: Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria, assessment document for Brunswick Kindergarten, Year 2013


Finding a beautiful community of enthusiastic families has been our favourite part of being a Brunswick Kinder family.



Awesome kinder, great team of staff, hearts and souls beats there for our kids.



I want my son to be more independent and able to mingle with other people. He’d never been left alone before without anyone from our family being with him. He was crying on his first day at kinder. I somehow felt secure with the kinder environment and trusted the teacher to handle my son well. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he seemed excited with his first day.



I knew from the moment I walked into Brunswick Kindergarten that it was a very special place. I had arranged a tour of the centre when searching for a kindergarten for my then 2yo first child. Being a researcher in my former life, I was compelled to tour every single kindergarten in a 2km radius of my house! I was immediately captured by Brunswick Kindergarten and enrolled my son in 3yo kinder the very next day. The grounds were lovely, the staff were gorgeous and, without any other way to describe it, the kinder had an amazing ‘vibe’. I was also drawn to their play-based philosophy and the way they encouraged independence: children were free to play indoors or outdoors and explore their particular interests. I’ve now been involved in the kindergarten for the past 5 years (all of my three children having attended consecutively) and will be very sad when my youngest son finishes up 4yo kinder next year! I’ve met so many wonderful families and made life-long friends….. and so have my children! It’s a very special community. I highly recommend the kindergarten to all.



My son loves kindergarten! He just loves it so much. He wants to go every day and the days when he’s not there he talking about ‘my kinder’ and asking when he gets to go back again. He gets to do ‘real building’. His interests are encouraged and nurtured. He finds the answers to his many questions. The kindergarten year is such a special one. I’m so glad we chose Brunswick Kindergarten. I love seeing him so happy and enthusiastic and watching him become a more independent little person. He has made some lovely friends.



Our 4 year old is very scared of new environments and new people, and she was very nervous about starting kindergarten. Her teachers at Brunswick Kinder were just so encouraging and gentle with her, engaging her as soon as she arrived in the morning. Now she loves making toast with her teachers in the morning, climbing the tree in the outdoor area, and mixing with the other kinder group at playtime. She’s quickly adapted to the security of the rules and brings home lots of wonky artwork co-created with her new friends at kinder. As parents, we were impressed that our daughter’s teachers knew our names after 3 days, and they reassured us in the early days when we had to prise our nervous daughter from our legs at drop-off. Brunswick Kinder has a very special feel – it’s a friendly, warm and thoughtful community created by a lot of hard, professional work behind the scenes. We’ll be definitely sending Daughter # 2 there!”

Hilary and Michael


Heather and the team are special people in our kids lives even us parents, I am proud my kids go there. Mind you it’s my 5th year!