Brunswick Kindergarten – Term 3 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to our Term 3 newsletter! 
Below, you will find reports from the Director and Executive Team. Click on the links to read the full reports from your child’s kindergarten group. 

Yellow Group playmates enjoy the sandpit

Director’s Report

I’m pretty sure I say this every year, but I love Term 3. It is wildly messy chaotic, not helped in the least this year with the ongoing renovation and all its changes. But each of the groups just magically finds its own rhythm. The kids are so comfortable by now with the kinder space and their teachers, and with each other, that they can let loose and really enjoy things.

And it has been crazily busy. Thanks to all family members who have been able to assist with the excursions and walking trips, as well as joining in with activities in the rooms. The kids just love sharing these experiences with family members, and we couldn’t do some of these activities without you.

And thank you all for your immense patience with the changed entryway to the kinder, and all the other workarounds you have endured as we completed our kinder renovation. We are on the home stretch now, and the kinder team plan to move back into the office and kitchen space over these term holidays. We are quite impatient to do so too!

You’ll see lots of callouts in this newsletter and over the next few weeks for our upcoming Fete on Saturday 26th October. Plans are firming up, and there’s some great food options and entertainment in store for us. It is also the official opening of our renovation, so expect a few honoured guests to be there as well. I hope to see you there!

Stay safe these holidays. Let’s hope there’s lots of sunshine to get out into!  Sophie.

And a serious postscript…

I do need to mention that putting on a Fete for a small kinder like ours takes a fair effort, and one that needs a team to do it. Right now, that team is rather small, and the task seems just a little daunting. The truth is, without the funds raised through the Fete, I can’t provide the kinder with all the nice things – new books, new toys and furniture and fittings for the new renovated area. Your kinder fees cover the operating costs of the kinder, but little else, so we rely on fundraising to provide new ongoing resources for your kids. Previous kinder families in years past have put in the effort to produce Fetes that have provided the resources we have used this year, now it’s your turn to do your bit. It’s what being part of a community kinder is all about.  We need you all to help out to provide resources for kids in next year’s programs and beyond. Please contact Neale or myself if you can help out.

Neale, Fete Coordinator-


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Report from the Executive team

It was lovely to meet some of the new 2020 kinder families at the orientation day on September 14. The sun was shining as the children explored the backyard, and we gave the new kinder foyer a test run before its official opening to the public. We are finally at the tail end of the renovations, and a partnership with Bunnings should see the last component of the works, a community sensory garden, finished in early Term 4. It won’t be a moment too soon, with the Fete on October 26 marking the official opening of the completed works!

As we head full speed into the final term, it’s nice to take a moment to reflect on how far we seem to have come already in 2019. The changes in the children are noticeable, with a lot of excitement over the prospect of school or 4-year-old kinder next year. 

As we welcome new families into the kinder for 2020, I would also like to remind any continuing families that the Kinder AGM in November provides a wonderful opportunity to become more involved in the life of this wonderful organisation. We will be recruiting new committee members, and it is a very rewarding experience for anyone thinking of volunteering. If you have any questions, or would like more information about what being on the committee involves, feel free to contact the current committee at

Bethany Macdonald

Committee President and Jack’s Mum (orange and green groups)

Blue Group

Blue group has had a fantastic term with lots of teacher and child-led activities throughout the past 10 weeks. We have had a busy term making, creating and bringing our ideas to life. We have done big easel painting outside using our whole bodies to paint in big strokes of colour and form. We were really interested in making puppets and had a sewing day with some parent helpers, making puppets and toys, and learning about how to use the sewing machine and hot glue gun. We have been learning about Goorilla the giant rainbow serpent and our indigenous history and we made a giant mural that we proudly display in the room. We also used an old bicycle wheel to create crazy spinning art, spinning the wheel and squirting sauce bottles filled with paint onto the spinning wheel. We also tried our hand at stop motion animation, making plasticine creations and animating their movements on Alex and Yolanda’s computer.

We have done a number of outdoor cooking experiences while the kitchen is being renovated. We roasted cinnamon apples over the fire pit and then followed that with a giant pot of vegetable stew all prepared and cooked around the campfire.

Kinder sports have been a big hit. We have been practicing catching, kicking, jumping, swirling and even handstands and somersaults. We have watched the children’s confidence grow as they take on new challenges and have a go with lots of encouragement and support from the group. We have been out to bush kinder and we are soon to head out into the countryside to visit a working farm called Edgar’s Mission and have a picnic in Lancefield. Gosh what a busy term we have had!

Have a great break,

Cathy and Zareen

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Yellow Group

Yellow group has had a very busy and engaged term. We are seeing friendships and connections form between the children and they are sharing their ideas and interests with each other. Yellow group loves singing circle and they continue to ask for and look forward to coming together for songs and movement. They have learnt so many new songs and know all the words.

The children continue to enjoy exploring the outdoor space, they use their whole bodies to swing, climb and hang upside down from the monkey bars! We love to watch them develop their strength, balance and coordination which will help them throughout the rest of their lives.

We have done lots of creative exploring this term; painting, sculpting, drawing and storytelling. These activities help develop the children’s confidence in their own identity and their dispositions towards learning such as curiosity and persistence. All this creativity also helps children to begin to understand how symbols and patterns work as part of their emerging literacy skills.

We had the Drama Tool Box visit the group this term and the children bravely engaged with dramatic roles and storytelling. They learnt all about minibeasts; learning about their habitats and diets. Learning through using their whole bodies, through song and dance. It was lots of fun!

Have a great break,

Cathy, Zareen and Manjit

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Red Group

It’s been yet another eventful term for the children in Red Group, with many highlights to share. 

Beginning with our construction corner through imaginative play, where important friendships continuously evolve, stimulating language and expressing ideas, creating various experiences through enriched collaborative play. Equally, skills and ideas are always consistently flowing through art and craft experiences, with plenty of exploration with colours and painting, or working with clay and natural materials essential for children sharing their art. Drawing and writing continue to attract interest for practicing pre literacy skills, which has also encouraged some recent interests in storytelling. Some children have even created their own books.

Our greatest highlight this term was our excursion to Animal Land Children’s Farm in Diggers Rest, where children had so much to do and explore around the farm. Our tractor rides were exciting as children enjoyed taking part in hands-on farming by helping to feed many animals around the farm including sheep, goats, and alpacas, geese, ducks and chickens in various paddocks before heading out for a pony ride! We also had the chance to milk a cow, learn about dairy farming and how to churn butter. Finally, we ventured into the nursery to meet and cuddle baby rabbits and guinea pigs. Our excursion was definitely a wonderful experience for all!

There were many other highlights including our ‘Book Week celebration’, with a dress up day and excursion to Brunswick Library where children met our librarian Karen who read some wonderful stories to the group. Kinder Sports with Paul was also a lot of fun! Paul’s sports activities are always fun and a challenging way for children to participate, develop confidence and learn new skills. Finally, our gardening projects have also been wonderful for the children to connect with nature through a gardening project – planting small seeds and watching them grow. This sparked further conversations about gardening and Indigenous culture, which connects to our planned excursion to Ceres Environmental Park on the last Monday of term.

That is all from us! Once again, we thank all families who assisted on excursions this term – your support is always valued! We hope you all have a fantastic holiday break, see you on Monday 7th October.

Kerry, Maria and Manjit

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Purple Group

This term there was another visit to the aged care facility. The staff were friendly and planned some fun activities for the residents and the children to share. There were smiles all round. Once again it was a great opportunity to get to know the residents and make new connections.

Kinder sports were so much fun. The children gained many new skills such as controlled running, handstands and somersaults and they also consolidated known skills. Paul challenged the children and there was such a sense of team spirit and achievement.

The children interested in planting and gardening had opportunities to plant seeds in pots and learn about the best conditions for growing healthy plants. The children demonstrated increased knowledge of the natural world and more appreciation and respect for nature. The children continue to care for their plants by checking and watering.

We have recently introduced yoga and there is such a big interest. It incorporates simple meditation, as well as poses and postures that stretch and flex different muscle groups. Stretching and having the ability to elongate the muscles is beneficial for children. When the muscles are stretched, they massage internal organs, rinsing toxins from the body. We continue to offer a couple of short sessions each week.

The children participated in a couple of excursions, both to the IMAX and Scienceworks Museum. At the IMAX cinema we watched a 3D movie called Superpower Dogs. Most of the children were at the Imax for the very first time, looking interestingly at the surroundings of the foyer, ticketing area and the cinema’s extra-large screen. Of course, the crazy 3D glasses that were offered for the 3D effect were a highlight. What a fantastic day, with an opportunity to eat lunch and play in the park nearby.

At Scienceworks the children visited the Planetarium. They saw the night sky in a way they had never seen it before – vivid star images, planets, sunrises and sunsets. They also learned about space travel.

The children saw an animated adventure about a dog called Tycho who blasts off to the moon with friends.

A big thank-you also to all those parents who volunteered time to assist on our outings. We appreciate how busy you all are and value your contributions immensely.

Hope you have a great break and see you all back in Term 4 (Monday October 7).

Rose Robin and Luisa

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Silver Group

We had many highlights this term beginning with a visit to the State Library. Bethany welcomed us into a play space where the children had their food followed by some singing and a story time. Soon after, the children participated in other age appropriate activities such as dress ups, craft and reading.

After a long play we moved to the dome room which was beautiful and old (some furniture and books over 100 years old). In this grand room the children were asked to be detectives and find the oldest, smallest and most expensive books. Thank you to Bethany for inviting us to be part of the new IT program.

Kinder Sports is being enjoyed by all the children. The fun-filled, high-energy sessions have challenged the children in many areas. Their confidence levels are growing steadily as they learn and practice new skills.

Bush Kinder was wonderful and the children had an awesome time. There was so much to do and the children couldn’t help but explore and connect with the environment. They fished in the pond, climbed trees and searched for bugs. We are all so looking forward to seeing what our last bush kinder experience brings next term.

On a wintery Thursday the children came in ready and hungry for a fabulous kinder breakfast of warm pancakes and toast. The children demonstrated trust and confidence as they prepared their pancakes and toast with their preferred topping. They smiled happily and chatted together.

Some of the parents were able to stay a while and joined us. How wonderful! It was yet another opportunity to connect with families and share in an experience that was generated by the children themselves.

The children visited Ceres Environmental Park where they were involved in selecting some indigenous plants which were purchased and later planted in special pots. Over time, the children will be able to follow the growth and changes in the plants.

Other interests this term have been planting (using ceramic pots on which some children drew Indigenous symbols), yoga and as little scientists, making perfume and lotions using sweet smelling leaves, flowers, herbs and spices.

Thank you to all those parents who have been able to assist us with excursions. We greatly appreciate your time and dedication.

Enjoy the term break and see you all back at kinder on Thursday October 10

Rose Kerry Frances and Katerina

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Orange Group

As term three draws to a close, we reflect on the amazing time we have all shared as a group. The most evident learning that we have noticed is how each child feels recognised and respected for who they are, this is reflected in the conversations they have with both Katerina and I.

This term in Orange group the children are connecting with one another and are enjoying making new friends. They are happy to explore new experiences both indoors and outdoors. We have noticed that many more of them are challenging themselves and are happy to take risks when they attempt to climb the big tree.

The children used the home corner dress ups to make movies of themselves. They used the camera and video to capture themselves either dancing or posing. We are delighted to see the growth in our children, their ability to role play and engage with one another is a testament to the environment they are exposed to and there feeling of self-worth as valued members of the group. They are now Vets/Nurses looking after all the sick pets at kinder.

This term we had a wonderful visit from Drama Tool Box, where we all had an opportunity to learn all about mini beasts. This very hands on experience supported the children’s learning by providing dress ups of mini beast giving the children an insight into what they look like, what they like to eat and learn about the habitats they thrive in.

Indoors the children have continued to play and learn using play dough, kinetic sand and have been interested to learn about the lifecycles of chickens, frogs and caterpillars after Cecilia brought in a beautiful nest she found at her grandma’s house. Next term we will explore the world of plants, by planting and watching things grow from seeds to beautiful flowers and grass in cups.

Outdoors the children have engaged in the sandpit using the trucks to maneuver and shift bucket loads of sand. Chick is the supervisor on site making sure everyone is following the sandpit rules!

This term we welcomed Charlotte and Imogen to our group and said goodbye to Terun.

We would like to thank our volunteer Megan, she has made some great connections with the children, reading endless books and supporting them during lunch/snack time. Her funny nature and welcoming smile is a wonderful addition to our group.

Have a wonderful term break and we look forward to seeing you all back on Wednesday 9th October.

Frances and Katerina

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Green Group

Term three is coming to a close and what an amazing term it has been for green group. We welcomed some new children and their families; we hope you are all enjoying your time with us.

Luisa and I are in awe of the development and growth within our group. The children are so happy and confident, they are growing and learning each and every day.

They eagerly express and share their own culture and blend it well with the Italian program offered in Green group. We sing songs, read books and best of all Luisa tantalizes our taste buds when she uses cooking to reflect the Italian culture. Having no oven has not stopped her at all; she has cooked up banana and blueberry pancakes, Italian donuts, and Italian biscotti. Kept us nice and warm on some very cold afternoons with some yummy hot chocolate with marshmallows. We made lemonade from the lemons in our kinder yard. John has kept us warm outdoors by lighting fires in the late afternoon, the children have enjoyed sitting around the fires sharing stories with us. Best of all Green group love to dance, most afternoons are spent by the radio dancing away to a many Italian and English songs. Their favourite to date is the freeze song!!

This term we have focused on teaching the children Aboriginal culture by translating some dreamtime stories in Italian. They particularly liked the one about Wah (il corvo/the crow) and Bunjil (L’aquila/eagle).

The warmer afternoons over the past few weeks has enabled the children to spend more time outdoors; John keeps them busy with digging and watering. The children are learning to look after our garden and are so proud of the work they do, eagerly showing their mums/dads at pick up.

We are enjoying playing games outside as a group, especially using the parachute, this has been so much fun.

The dress ups in home corner created opportunities for lots of role play, it was awesome to see the children sharing the dress ups and sharing ideas, posing for photos and making movies using the camera props on display. Now they are caring for the pets as they role-play Vets and nurses. Our kinder pets have nothing to worry about, they are in perfect hands!

We will celebrate our last day of term three with a Gelato Day.

Have a wonderful term break and we look forward to seeing you all back Wednesday 9th October.

Frances and Luisa

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Fete Donation Callout!

Remember to scour those cupboards over the holidays for books to donate to our Secondhand Book Stall, and trinkets for the Lucky Cups.

From the start of Term 4, there will be collection points in the kinder foyer (yep, the NEW one!) to leave your donations.

Fete Prize Donations

Do you own a local business that could donate a product or service for our Fete? We are seeking donations from local enterprises for prizes for our Fete Silent Auction and Spinning Wheel raffles.

If you have an idea of a business that may want to donate to our Fete, please contact the Fete Coordinator, Neal Gunning on or the Donations Coordinator, Anke from Red group. We need to coordinate donation requests and follow a certain procedure (so we don’t double up and annoy the businesses), so please contact our Fete team prior to approaching a business for a donation.

2020 Brunswick Kinder Places 

We have places filling fast for our 4-year-old programs next year- if you haven’t already, please make sure you get your preference forms in during the first week of term. Some groups only have 1 or 2 places left!

Our 3-year-old program is also filling up. Remember next year we are offering an all-day option (Yellow group) and a half day session (Orange group). Places are still available for Green Group – our  Italiano bilingual 3.5-hour session for those looking for a gentle introduction to the Kinder environment. If you are interested, or know anyone who might be, please pass on our details and tell them to get in quick!

Apply at

Pack more into your lunchboxes!

As the year progresses and the children get bigger, their appetites seem to grow with them, especially as they grow in confidence in joining in with kinder activities.

We will never let a child be hungry while at kinder, but we will always encourage a child to eat a snack from their own lunch before filling them up with toast or fruit, especially if it is just before we send everyone home!

Have you considered adding an extra snack or two to lunchboxes next term?

Kinder AGM – Tuesday 12th November

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 12th November 6:30pm-8:30pm at the kinder. If you are an enrolled 2020 kinder family, your attendance is required to finalise enrolment details and pay initial term fees.

Come along for some light refreshments and an opportunity to celebrate the past year at the kinder, and to elect the Kinder Committee of Management for the following year. Remember: we require these elected roles to be filled to enable the kinder to operate next year!

This year’s AGM will also feature a guest speaker – details are still being finalised and will be announced ASAP!

Sunhats and Sunscreen

Term 4 sees the return of the harmful UV rays, so please remember to apply sunscreen before heading to kinder each day, and to pack a hat into your child’s bag. Teachers will reapply sunscreen throughout the day as necessary or per family instructions.

Items needed

  • Nuttelex
  • Cream of tartar
  • Plain Flour
  • SR Flour
  • Vegemite
  • Tissues
  • Eco-friendly hand wash and dishwashing liquid

Please see your group teachers for any other items needed for their kinder programs.

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