Brunswick Kindergarten – Term 2 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to our Term 2 newsletter! 
Below, you will find reports from the Director and Executive Team. Click on the links to read the full reports from your child’s kindergarten group. 

From the Director

Well, what a term! I think we’re all a little relieved to get to the end of this one, if only to get a couple of weeks to reset and relax.

I’d like to thank all our kinder families for your ongoing support as we negotiated this bizarre situation. Your messages, support of our Remote Learning program activities and attendance at the kinder when you were ready to send your child, has been welcomed and appreciated by all of us.

Most importantly, I want to thank the amazing efforts and commitment from our team of wonderful teachers and educators. It’s been no small feat creating and implementing new learning programs and COVID-safe processes on the fly. And they have done it with admirable professionalism and thoroughness. I am very conscious of the liberty I have had personally to conduct my role largely from home this term, but the team does not have that luxury, and their constant commitment to their craft and our families has been something to be commended. Thanks guys.

I wish everyone a safe, healthy, relaxing term break. Here’s to a less stressful Term 3!


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Report from the Executive team

The smiles of children have returned in Term 2…

It’s been wonderful to see the return of familiar faces and smiling kids at kinder, as our attendance numbers have returned to normal.  The committee would like to thank parents for adapting to the new drop-off and pick-up process at the kinder as this has helped to keep us safe and operating.

This term the committee has focused on the kinders business continuity plan to keep the kinder financially viable throughout the covid-19 situation.  We have reviewed the services the kinder uses and thought about the future kinder offerings, i.e. long day 3 year old program for 2021.

As the government is wrapping up the free kindergarden scheme the committee would like to encourage any families that are experiencing hardship to contact myself ( or Sophie to discuss your situation.

We are hoping to start walking excursions by the end of Term 3 so our kids can have the full Brunswick Kinder experience.  We are also looking forward to running a fundraising activity which will support local business and our community.  Also, as the year progresses, we are hoping that we will be able to run a social event late in Term 3/early Term 4 so families can have time to socialise with their children in one of their happy places. 

Calling out for 3YO families for Committee!

Our 2020 Committee of Management consists solely of current 4YO families, and we have no members available to carry through expertise into next year.

To alleviate this gap, we are putting a call out to any parents of current 3YO children to participate in an internship” on the Committee. This will be an opportunity to attend meetings, learn what the Committee does, with a view to carry that knowledge into the 2021 Committee. You do not need to have a conformed role, or undertake any responsibilities or activities, just be an interested observer.

If you think this might interest you, please contact Jeremy Loadman, Committee Secretary on

Term 2 COVID-safe processes

We will continue to follow Department of Health guidelines regarding the continuation or relaxation of COVID-safe processes at the kinder next term. For now, all current drop-off and pick-up procedures remain in place.

One thing we are planning to re-introduce in Term 3 is small, short community walking excursions back into the 4YO program. This forms good practice prior to expanding to recommencing our Bush Kinder program (hopefully!) later in 2020. For now, as we rely on public transport to get us to and from the Bush Kinder site, it remains off the schedule until conditions ease.

As widely communicated, please keep your child at home if they display any cold or flu symptoms- fever, runny nose, sore throat, cough- and consider taking them for a COVID test if symptoms persist. We will continue to contact you to collect your child if they show signs of illness when attending their kinder session.

COVID support

As the pandemic continues, it is important to take time to look after ourselves as well as those around us. The volume of information on the ever-changing situation can place great strain on all our wellbeing. We receive information from several support organisations, some of which you may find useful:

Purple Group

Children get angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, happy or embarrassed just as adults do but often don’t have the words to express how they’re feeling. Emotional intelligence or understanding and managing one’s feelings, is important for healthy development. We have provided materials such as emotions charts and books on feelings to help children identify and better understand emotions.

There has been a lot of role play happening both inside and outdoors – a domestic scene with baby dolls; fairies and wizards having been making magic and potions, and lots of emergency personnel (firefighters and police) have been keeping the community safe.

This area of play is wonderful as it encourages socialisation, strengthens language skills and allows children the time to explore and understand the world and the roles that adults play in society.

The interest in planting came about during chats about the children’s activities in the holidays and during isolation. We then discussed the needs of plants before providing the children with the equipment and materials for planting.

We also decided to conduct a little experiment and challenge the children’s knowledge and understandings (that plants need water and sun to grow). We placed a pot in the cupboard which we watered and one in the sun which was not watered. The children mostly predicted that the plants would not grow. The findings (quite surprising) were recorded by the children on a chart.

The interest in pirates and treasure saw lots of children creating their own treasure maps using mathematical concepts such as symbols (eg. Arrows and letters). We then organised a real treasure hunt where the children had to follow a treasure map to get to the digging site. There was lots of excitement and activity in the sandpit. Hoorah! The treasure was soon found and enjoyed by all.

Term 1 unfortunately ended abruptly. Over this term we welcomed back lots of children and the numbers have continued to grow. We hope to see more, if not all of you in term 3????

Have a great term break and see you in the week of July 13.

Thank you

Rose Luisa and Manjit

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Silver Group

Hello to all our Silver group children and families. What a term we have had! This would have to be one of our most challenging terms ever. We were faced with many challenges at the beginning of the term, faced lots of uncertainties but I can proudly say we did it. With the help of everyone we stayed safe, kept the children safe and delivered a program both remotely and in house.

We delivered packs to the children at home and it was wonderful to see how they all enjoyed the many activities in them. We thank the parents for keeping us up to date with all that was happening at home. The photos that came through to us will be collated into a book and be available for all the group to see.

Slowly as the weeks went by, we welcomed children back to kinder. It was great to see so many of them happy to be back reconnecting with each other, with us and the program. This term was all about reconnecting and teaching the children to stay safe at kinder by following the new changes around staying safe. The children are amazing and quickly came to terms with the new norm.

As a kinder community we came together with the other groups to create a serpent that has gone up in our foyer. It is based on the story of ‘The Rainbow Serpent’ and ‘How the Murray River was made’. The children had there hand print cut out and then they decorated them. The accumulation of all our hands became the art work. We hope one day soon the parents and our community will have the pleasure of admiring it as we do each time we travel through the foyer.

We all look forward to making a new start in term three and look forward to having all of our children back.

In the meantime, continue to stay safe and have a wonderful break.

We sure will!!!!

The Silver Team

Frances, Rose, Katerina and Maria.

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Blue and Yellow Groups

A message from Cathy and Zareen,

As we don’t have a traditional contribution to the newsletter, we want to send out a big thank you to our families!

Thank you for engaging with our YouTube channel over term two. We had lots of fun putting it together and learnt lots of new skills. We really hope that by putting our faces and voices out there that your children were able to stay connected with us and feel more confident when they started back at kinder.

Thank you for sending us in lots of photos and videos of what the children were up to. We really missed them over the prolonged break and it was lovely to hear from you all and see that you were safe and well.

Thank you for sticking with us, it’s been a very difficult time and we appreciate you starting your children back in our care when you felt safe to do so and we really appreciated that you had concerns for our safety as much as your children’s. This made our start back at kinder a positive one and we have loved seeing the children progressively start back.

We look forward to a break and then really getting stuck back into term three and hopefully resuming our incursions and excursions which have been on hold.

Have a restful break

Cathy and Zareen

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Orange Group

Hello to all our wonderful Orange group children and families. Can I please say a very big thank you to you all for your amazing support over this term. This term would have to be one of the most challenging terms ever. From the beginning of term two so many uncertainties in a world that had changed for all of us. We did not know how we would be able to deliver a program that would keep the children safe while in our care, how would we stay connected with the families at home and how would we support each other through all this uncertainty. But I am very proud to say we did it. We delivered packs to all the children in our groups and we thank the parents for all the positive feedback we received. It was wonderful to see the photos sent through of the children enjoying the many activities in them. The children attending kinder had to adjust to a new way of coming into kinder, stay safe at kinder by following the new cleaning rules. We are so very proud of them; they were amazing and quickly adapted to the new norm.

The children returned back to kinder life slowly and just enjoyed being part of a group again, reconnecting with friends and engaging in the many wonderful kinder experiences. One project we all worked on was the serpent on display in our foyer. The art work is based on the story of “The Rainbow Serpent”. Each child’s hand was cut out and they decorated it to make the art work into the serpent. We hope soon the parents and the community will have an opportunity to view the wonderful art piece.

We look forward to making a new start in term three and hope to see you all return at some point during the term.

Stay safe and thank you again

Frances and Katerina

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Primary School Notices

Coburg Primary School 2021 Foundation Enrolment 

As the annual Open Evening has been postponed, including the school tours, a video presentation for prospective future families for 2021 enrolment at Coburg Primary School has been prepared: Coburg Primary School Virtual Tours 

It has been circulated to those families who registered for the Open Evening, however if Coburg Children Centre 4 Year old Kinder families are interested in enquiring about Coburg Primary School, please use the video links, below. 

If you have any questions, our lines are still open on 9354 9332 or email the school and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Coburg PS links: 

Coburg Primary School Virtual Tours 

Coburg Primary School website 

Prospectus 2021 Foundation Students 

Brunswick Kinder Committee of Management 2020

Committee Executive

President                                          Ema Fraser
Vice President (Staff Liaison)    Kentia Boyle
Vice President (Enrolments)      Stephanie Hunt
Treasurer                                         Bethany Macdonald
Secretary                                          Jeremy Loadman

General Committee

Katinka Drake (Fete & Fundraising Coordinator)
Emma Coast (Communications)
Kieran Hurley (Grants)
Wayne Gibbings (IT)
Jenny Hall (MD Cake Stall Coordinator)
Bill Fahey (Policy Coordinator)
Mark Monnone (Social Coordinator)
VACANT (Maintenance)
VACANT (Volunteer Fee Coordinator)

We’re still on the lookout for people to oversee the kinder maintenance (organise Working Bees, minor repairs and upkeep) and people who can assist to keep records of family volunteer hours. If you are interested, please see Sophie, the Kinder Director.

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