Play is an important part of the Brunswick Kindergarten curriculum.

The Brunswick Kindergarten staff closely observe the children while they engage in indoor and outdoor play experiences. Staff use their observations when planning activities and experiences to further each child’s:
Individual interests Individual interests
Cognitive development Cognitive development (the way children think)
Emotional development Emotional development (including separation and dealing with own emotions)
Social development Social development (making friends)
Language development Language development (communication)
Fine Motor Development Fine Motor Development (use of fingers and hands)
Gross Motor Development Gross Motor Development (use of arms, legs, feet and body)
Spontaneous teaching moments arise often. Play is the young child’s way of learning. At Brunswick Kindergarten children learn through their ability to touch, manipulate and experiment actively with materials and to interact with other children while taking risks. Observing and recording information about the children at play forms the basis to planning the kindergarten program. The children’s needs and interests guide the direction of the program. This is why each Brunswick Kindergarten group program differs from another. Brunswick Kindergarten’s program is a play-based, emergent curriculum that is recorded daily and changed regularly to reflect the direction of the children’s interests. Records of the children’s daily kindergarten experiences can be viewed in the classrooms by parents. These records include photographs, notes taken about the experience and children’s comments and conversations.


Three year old children participate in five hours of the kindergarten program per week and four year olds fifteen hours per week. These hours are standard kindergarten hours in Victoria for sessional kindergarten. Ask us about our extended hours program! Fees


In order for the Kindergarten to operate we need all families to pay their fees on time. Fees are charged in order to meet the operating costs of the kindergarten including teacher salaries, gas, electricity, cleaning etc. We are government-funded for the Four Year Old Programs so those fees are partly subsidised. Those families with current Health Care Cards will not be required to pay. The Kindergarten requires a copy of the Health Care Card. 2019 Program Changes

Our Exciting Kinder Programs

Exciting developments have occurred in our programs recently for both 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds. The 4-year-old program proudly includes a Bush Kinder program, based in Royal Park, as well as frequent excursions around our local area. Our 3-year-old groups are all led by degree-qualified teachers, and offer a variety of program lengths to suit any family schedule. We are proud of our focus on Sustainability and embedding the perspectives of our First Nations Peoples in all kinder experiences. Committee of Management

Committee of Management

A committee of parents, elected at the Annual General Meeting in November each year, runs and operates the Kindergarten. We encourage parents to join the committee in order to have greater input in the education of your child and more engagement with your local community.

Kinder Policies

Please find below a selection of our most used kindergarten policies. These are reviewed every three years by the Committee of Management. We ask that prospective kinder families review these policies as they enrol for our programs.