Brunswick Kindergarten is committed to providing a stimulating learning program for three to five year olds in a diverse environment that reflects the individual interests and uniqueness of each child.

We believe that the indoor/outdoor play–based program we provide empowers each child to learn and grow as competent and capable individuals who can be instrumental in their own decision-making processes. This incorporates the following understandings:

  • All children are individuals who learn and express themselves through a variety of experiences
  • Learning outcomes will be unique and creative rather than standard and homogenous
  • All children learn best through experiences that are child initiated, adult supported, open-ended, flexible, spontaneous and fun. These experiences must allow them to take their time, explore, revisit and consolidate their learning
  • All children learn best in an environment which provides opportunities and experiences for them to explore and participate in experiences based on their own interests so that not all learning is structured or formal
  • All children are naturally curious and by encouraging them to ask questions, their learning becomes more relevant and authentic. Children are thus engaged in learning which is personalized and focused on their understanding of the world
  • All children benefit from risk-taking behavior that allows them to test, push and redefine their own boundaries as they gain confidence in their own abilities
  • Social and emotional development is the foundation for a positive approach to all learning. Children who have a high self-esteem and belief in their own abilities will have the tools with which to advance their own skills and learning

We encourage you to play an active role in your child’s education and their kindergarten year. We encourage you to drop in at any time and to give us information about your child’s interests and what they are curious about. We also encourage you to talk with us at any time about any concerns about your child’s development and progress.