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AGM 2020

Thankyou for all families who attended the 2020 AGM on 10th November 2020. Committee details will be sent our to all parents of 2021 enrollments. As mentioned during the AGM, the financials and audit report for the kinder for 2020 is available here:
  • Newsletter

    Latest Newsletter – Term 2 2020

    Our parents put together Brunswick Kindergarten’s term newsletter four times a year. Click on the either link below to view our latest Kindergarten newsletter.
  • Term Dates

    Term Dates 2019

    Our Kindergarten terms follow the dates of the Victorian school terms. We also hold several social and fundraising events throughout the year, and close on a limited number of specified dates for training days.
  • Fundraising


    As Brunswick Kindergarten is only partially funded by the State Government, we need to raise extra funds every year to continue operations. These funds contribute to building and equipment maintenance, and purchasing play materials. Two key fundraising events held every year include the Mother’s Day Stall and the fete. The annual fete is a wonderful opportunity to become immersed in the Brunswick Kindergarten community.
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    Facebook Page

    Another way to stay up to date with what is going on at Brunswick Kindergarten is through our community page on Facebook.